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Hongzhou Group has an excellent team with the first-class innovation ability,insist on the service value of quality first, excelsior manufacturing,professional & technical communication,quick response and immediate action to customer requirement.

Hongzhou Group is equipped with precision & ultra-precision engineering expertise and a series of leading precision & ultra-precision CNC machine tool equipments,CNC turning equipments,plastic injection molding equipments.

Hongzhou Group  is holding ISO9001:2008 certified plants or parters—PCBA,Aluminum Heatsink,Sheet Metal Fabrication, Cable&Wire Assembly  plants,we can offer customers with unit component or in-house one-stop value-added service.

Hongzhou Group has vertical integrated batch production capacity,low-cost structure,and outstanding customer collaboration,good at the quick response to customer's requirement for customized products.

Small & medium quantity,multi-species and high precision & quality project order is welcomed.

Hongzhou Group offer customers's local storage and logistics services for oversea VIP customer on KANBAN materials, kanban order can be delivered in 8 hours on working day.(There are 2 overseas Kanban management warehouses,one is in London and the other is in Hong Kong,for London warehouse:delivery in 2 hours for London customer, delivery in 8 hours for customers in other regions of United Kingdom) 

Hongzhou Group offer customer one-stop solutions.

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